Sai Baba experience -Divine experience here

This is very very Divine and miraculous experience happened with me with very special date in 2019. I am sharing with you all my very dearest experience. All experience are dearest but this experience is very very dearest and give change in positive to my big problem by Babaji’s God grace and help Babaji also solve it and sloving now also. This is very big timely help for me. Babaji always help us at right time. Sai Babaji always with us. Always trust Babaji sometimes it take time. Babaji always fulfill our desire and their promises. I love you Babaji always till infinity and beyond. Thank you so much Bababji for this big help always. This is mean a lot to me Devaji. Sorry Babaji for every mistake. OM SAI RAM….JAI SAI RAM…..

Om Sai Ram….If anyone is suffering from any kind of negativity please read. May Baba bless you.


Sai Baba – Help in trouble time.

Sai Baba my everything Thank you Baba for everything. Sorry for all my mistakes in this birth and in previous birth Baba. And give your blessings to all devotees who, read it.

My experiences with Baba help me in my time of trouble like father, mother, Guru and God. Some times give his shed in the form of cloud in hot summer. Sometimes gives warm breeze in winter. Baba always send help in my small or big difficulties. Baba protect his family always thousand times Sai Baba is part of my family. I have 6 number of family members are Sai Baba, mummy, papa, brother, my pet and my love. l am suffering due to my past karmas a lot but Baba always protect me like his own child. Baba always teach me to keep Faith and patience. This is true only by faith and patience I surpassed many difficulties. Baba always motivate and advised me to read “Sai Satchritra” pure book. I find many answers from this book. Trust Baba “Sai Satcharitra” can turn you and your whole life and fulfill all your wishes only you have to do is read this sacred book as much as you can. Trust Sai Baba has a plan for you. Om Sai Ram

Thank you,

Sai daughter

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